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Gearbox Guarantee Terms

Our business divides the gearboxes into three categories:

1: Full Reconstruction

2: Reconstruction

3: Used

Reconstruction is a used gearbox that has been opened, has been tested for damage and all bearings, the whole sealing kit, the set of discs (automatic boxes) and anything that needs to be changed are consumables. Finally, the gearbox is measured and adjusted to ensure proper operation. In partial rebuilding, we have a second-hand gearbox that we open and check for damage, where we then change the whole set with the seals and correct any damage we notice in the gearbox. And these gauges are measured and adjusted for proper operation. And last but not least, the used gearboxes, which have been removed from functional cars.


All-wheel-drive gearboxes are guaranteed for 2 years or 60,000 kilometers for passenger cars and 1 year or 60,000 kilometers for commercial cars.

Ships with partial refurbishment are guaranteed a 1-year or 30,000-kilometer guarantee for passenger cars and 6 months or 30,000 kilometers for commercial cars.

A 2-month or 5,000-kilometer guarantee for used gearboxes is available on all vehicles * Complete or partial rebuilding gearboxes provide the option of expanding the warranty upon agreement with the customer.

Spare parts

All gearboxes are either original (manufacturer) or traded the same or better quality than genuine ones.

In no case does our business place "second" sorting extras in gearboxes.

For any damage caused to your gearbox from the defective part we have placed, our business is obliged to change the box or repair it within fifteen working days of the day the gearbox comes in. < / p>

What the warranty does not cover

1. Exit and Position Expenditure.

2. Damage caused to the gearbox from poorly installed or non-programmed gearboxes with the diagnostics from the garage.

3. Incorrect amount of oil in gearbox.

4. Electronic damage to the gearbox.

5. Damage caused by misuse of the gearbox (abrupt drops, 4X4 chase) resulting in breakage of gears.

6. Damage caused by vehicles or engines that do not have factory specifications (above horsepower, wrong tire size).

7.A gearbox located within the limits of our warranty if for any reason it is opened by a third person (all boxes are numbered and marked) automatically stops the guarantee.

8.Crossed or hit gearbox.

* From the above cases, paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 are excluded if the box is removed and installed by our workshop.

Transmission Maintenance

The customer is required to carry out the prescribed maintenance from the manufacturer in the transmission for smooth operation of the box.

Also, the overloading of the transmission and the continuous use of 4X4 (except cars with full-time 4X4) should also be avoided.

If there is any malfunction in the gearbox, the customer is obliged to stop the vehicle from taking it to the garage with road assistance.

If the customer does not indulge and is in trouble, it may cause more damage, which is not covered by warranty.


All gearboxes are accompanied by a correct fitting and use guide. In addition, telephone help is provided for anything you need for the box you received

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